Sunday, June 12, 2011

If you are not using Apple, then it must be a bug

Failure to launch
Yesterday I could not launch iTunes on my Windows 7 PC. Nothing would happen after clicking on the desktop shortcut. After spending a few hours debugging (won't bore you with the details), the issue was resolved when I uninstalled every Apple program and service on the PC, and installed the latest version of iTunes (64 bit).
This is no biggie, because stuff happens in the software world, and on Windows stuff seems to happen quite frequently.

Houston, we still have a problem
Today when I launched iTunes, the following message was displayed:
Visiting the Default Programs control panel confirmed that iTunes was already the default player for the music files in the iTunes Library. There were however some file types (eg: AIFF) that were configured for a different media player. Again, no biggie, but I still found the message to "fix this" a bit disturbing.

iTunes not being able to launch on the family PC was something I had to fix immediately unless I wanted to subject myself to serious nagging from the kids. But are AIIF music files being played by Windows Media Player something that requires a fix?

Meet the new boss....
Is Apple implying that "proper condition or working order" is achieved only when their application is the selected default player for a non-proprietary media type? Is this simply just arrogance or a sign that the next revolution is overdue?